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Construction Project Management Database

Track Job Time & Job Cost: Actual vs. Budget

Our Construction Management Software is design to assist in the management of construction project lasting for a few weeks to many months or even years.  Tracking progress and expenditures is critical to the success of the project and to the prevention of cost overruns.  Quick data feedback is critical to managing each task.  Rapid correction of problem areas can lead to your business’s success.

This Software includes support and training.

The Construction Management Database has been developed to be a simple yet powerful multi-user construction management software solution.  This software gives you the ability to completely customize all aspects of the data driven software.  Concurrent multiple projects, 100’s of construction tasks with project time budgets and weekly time entry provide a complete solution for construction project management.

See below screen images of the construction project software with further discussion of the systems functionality.

We start with a classic simple user interface – no popup forms or switchboards are required to navigate the task management database.

All functions of the database are placed on tabs, providing quick access with great flexibility.  An image of the Welcome screen is shown below:

Construction Tracking Software

The first step in a new construction project is to setup the job in the Job Initialization/Review screen shown below.  The characteristics of the job are entered in the top part of the form followed by each detailed task.  The construction task list is completely customization by you.

With each task you enter a task code, total budgeted hours, estimated hours per unit of construction task and the construction database calculates the total estimated hours for the construction task.

Construction Management Software

After the construction task particulars are defined and all the project tasks are setup it is time to enter the weekly task time into the Access construction database:

Job Task Management Database

Note that each of the construction management database data entry/review forms contains a blue section at the top.  This section contains tools for selecting and filtering the data displayed on the main part of the form.

Now that we have defined the project and tasks, and enter some weekly time data, we can take look at the core of the database – construction task-time analysis data:

Construction Project Database

The task management form above provides a flexible view into your construction project data:

  • Cross project task data analysis

  • Job & task performance statistics

  • Tasks management across projects

  • Personnel performance analysis

  • Over/under budget calculations

  • Work to be completed.

  • Multiple reports

  • Exports to Excel

The Reports tab contains database reports.  The construction database comes with a flexible construction task productivity summary report.  We can add more custom reports for a small fee:

Construction Project Software Template

Below is a view of the Cross-Project Summary Report:
Task Analysis Software Template

Next is the section of the construction database that creates the ‘data driven’ functionality.  All of the dropdown lists in the database can be customized to your particular construction business (concrete, electrical, plumbing,mechanical and structural).  This feature allows the database to management time related task data for wide variety of construction project disciplines:

Construction Manager Database

The construction management database also includes a simply yet effective security system

1)  Users must be known to the system before they can obtain any level of access.  This is accomplished using the users’ login information from their desktop computer.

2)  Users may have one of three access levels:

    a)  Full Access

    b)  Read-only Access

    c)  Timesheet data entry only

3)  It is also simple to establish a database password and users can be blocked from the visual basic sources code and blocked from the database objects to a limited extent.

Download a fully functional demo copy of our Construction Task Management Software (requires MS Access on your computer)

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