Free MS Access Templates


Free MS Access Database Templates:

Inventory Software Access Templates
Inventory Systems. Review our custom Inventory Software. Barcode Asset Tracking & Control Microsoft Access database.

Interior Design Project Access Software Template
Manage Interior Design projects with this simple and powerful Access database system.

Marina Management DB
If you run a mid to large size marina with lots of reservations you might want to check out our Marina Reservations Management Database.

Contact Management Access Templates
Contact Management, Custom Contact Management Software, Organize Contacts & Communications.

Construction Project Management Access Template
Construction Project Management designed to help you keep on budget and on time.

Lease Contract Management Software
Create lease contracts & Rental agreement for equipment. Analysis lease performance & cash flow.

Livestock Feed Inventory Database
Management feed usage and feed cost with this simple flexible database system.

CRM/Customer Relationship Management Access Templates
Customer Management Tools. Custom CRM Software Solutions.
Manage Customer & Client Relations Microsoft Access software.

Order Management Database Software for Customer Orders

Order Processing Pre-built Software Template
Order Processing System Order Management Software. Custom Database Design Solutions

PM/Preventive Maintenance Access Template
Custom PM Management Databases. Maintenance Management Systems.

Work Order Software
Service Request Software Installation, Repair & Maintenance. Work Order Systems & Solutions.

Real Estate Marketing Template Database
Real Estate Marketing
Select Property by Attributes: Location, Zoning, Value & More.

Reservations Management Access Template Database
Reservations Software Reservations & Booking Software by Custom Database Design Experts.

Asbestos Survey Project Management Access Templates
Asbestos Survey Software, Asbestos Material Survey Custom Data Analysis Software System.

Document Revision Management Database Templates
Document Revision Control & Document Distribution Control & Tracking

HOA/Homeowner Association Management Microsoft Access Templates
HOA Management – Community Association Management, Home Owners Association Software.

Loan Process Management Access Templates
Mortgage Management,
Loan Processing Software &  Mortgage Process Tracking.

Student Loan/Grant Management Access Templates
Pell Grant Management Software.

Personnel Agency Access Template Database
Placement Agency Software, Custom Personnel Agency Management for Contractors and Consultants.

Rx/Prescription Assistance Plan Management Database Template
Rx Plan Software. Software for the Generation  & Tracking of Applications for Assistance Plans

Subscription Order Management Database Template
Subscription Manager – Custom Subscription Management Tool for Subscription Order Process Control.

Corporate Document Management Access Templates
Document Management Custom Document Search & Retrieval Software

Access Database Templates

The databases that are for sale have a price included with the template/example description.  Most of the work we do here at Blue Claw Database Design involves creation of custom databases for small businesses.  We create custom template databases that meet your requirements precisely.  Nothing you need will be missing and every field and report will function just the way you want it to.  We provide fixed price quotes, no upfront payments, and a money back guarantee.  Give us a call and we will be happy to assist you in your decisions.  Consultation and quote development are FREE! Contact Us for our very fair prices on our Access Database Templates.

Microsoft Access Templates & Examples of What Access Is Used For

Inventory Database for Cable & Satellite TV Installers Warehouse Inventory Taster Database
We have two Microsoft Access templates specialized for equipment inventory management. Try our custom inventory template software & barcode asset tracking & control. Contact Us for price.

Our Access warehouse inventory management template is a Microsoft Access template supporting all functions related to control and management of barcode-labeled equipment. This application includes monitoring of material moved into and out of warehouse and stockroom locations and inventory count reconciliation. Reports are produced to identify the status and location of each piece of equipment. Software suitable for all barcode-based tracking of such items as parts, equipment assets, supplies & more. Contact Us for FREE Demo.


Interior Design Project Management  Manage interior design projects including furniture database, furniture photographs, floors, rooms.  Analyze costs with different furniture configurations.  Quickly change furniture combinations to meet cost targets. Contact Us for price.


Contact Management Database TemplateLease Management Access Illustration
Contact management, custom contact management software.  Organize contacts & communications.  Our contact management Access template provides multiple views of contacts based on multiple classifications.  Key to the database functionality is the databases ability to provide cross classification queries with email, fax, and address label output. Contact Us for a preview.


Construction Project Management Template In our competitive world the only way to control costs on a construction job is to accurately and quickly measure the costs as they occur and compare those costs to budget estimates.  Our Access template software provides job and task level tracking of time expended vs time budgeted.  Additional features allow comparison of performance by worker/supervisor within and across jobs.

Marina Reservations Management Software  Our software is designed to facility reservations management.  This includes utilities, repeat visitors as well as group reservations.  Create invoice with a button click.

Lease Contract Management:  Do you originate leases for equipment?  If so, then this Access template may be the solution to all those spreadsheets you have been juggling and updating over the years.  Our Lease Origination & Contract Inventory software provides point and click access to all your master lease agreements, individual schedules, line items as well as all contracts and supporting documents.  Signed contracts will pop up with a click of a button.  Future cash flow for any future date appears at the click of a button.  Customized contract text can be created easily with a few clicks of the mouse.

Livestock Feed Inventory Database:  Measuring and controlling costs on the farm becomes more critical year after year.  The largest cost for domesticated livestock is feed costs.  Our Feed Inventory System provides point and click analysis of feed usage and feed costs for any time period.

Custom PM Scheduling Database:  Available for Contact Us for price.
Our preventive maintenance template software makes the task of monitoring and calculating preventive maintenance schedules easier through the automatic monitoring of absolute meter readings and trend analysis.  A click of a button shows historical and planned maintenance tasks.   Inclulde unscheduled work order repairs for only  a onetime fee).

Subscription Manager Examples:  Access database for subscription order management was designed to manage sales orders where customers may subscribe for multiple flower arrangements and deliveries which typically occur each Monday.  However, our system was designed to manage most any periodicity of delivery for the order fulfillment requirements.

Airline Reservation Software System:  The Airline Reservations database example demonstrates Access’s and our capabilities to handle complex database designs.

This database example handles charter reservations and has recently been expanded to include regularly scheduled flight reservations.  There is also a flight dispatch system and an automated assignment of passengers to charter flights based on departure time proximity.

Order Management Software:  Our software manages orders for a worldwide gift delivery service that specializes in a wide variety of products as well as custom orders. The specific challenge for this project was the variation of delivery addresses as well as delivery methods.

It was important for the company to find the best balance between customer orders, order transmissions and vendor delivery. An off the shelf solution did not fit their needs; they needed a completely customized order management system that is easy to use.

Asbestos Survey Software Example:  Asbestos survey software and remediation management system. Hazardous material and asbestos abatement projects have been one of the most common hazardous material cleanup projects throughout over the last two decades.  Many law suits have been filed due to damaged caused to worker and consumer exposure to asbestos material. Work Order Database:  Service request software for installation, repair, and maintenance work orders.  Our work order case study demonstrates a complete application for handling equipment installation, service calls and billing.  The final system resulted in a user friendly, comprehensive solution to the tracking of work orders; tasking the installation, service and maintenance of equipment.

CRM MS Access Database:  Customer relationship management is a key function in most businesses.  Knowing who you customers are and being able to communicate with them on a personal timely fashion can go a long way to improving your businesses return on investment.  This case study shows how one of our clients chooses to implement CRM in their business.

Rx Assistance Plan Generation Examples:  Prescription assistance application management software. Designed for the generation & tracking of applications for assistance plans.  Prescription assistance programs vary widely across drug manufacturers.  This databases show how we automated the management of application submission for dozens of drug manufacturers.

Custom Order Fulfillment Database:  Order Processing System Order Management Program.  We have created order fulfillment & delivery management software to route orders for custom designs on a variety of clothing including hats, tee shirts, and sweat shirts.  This database concept, with slight modification, can be extended to handle many different types of customer orders.

Document Revision & Management Example: Custom Document Management Tools:  The US Government mandates that companies manufacturing or testing medical equipment and pharmaceuticals adhere to the strict standards of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practices.  This case study shows how we implemented document revision control and document distribution control of GLP standard operating procedures documents and associated employee training records.

HOA Template Software:  HOA management – community association management, home owner’s association Access database example. If you are trying to management multiple condos, rental, housing, or homeowners associations – all properties can be managed with this single Office Access database software system.

Custom Personnel Agency Database:  Placement agency software, custom personnel agency management for contractors and consultants. We developed an employment agency management program to automate the analysis of revenue from consulting and agency direct placement revenues.  Control of weekly time data and associated revenues for placement agencies can be a daunting task for medium to large placement agencies.  System tracking contracts, recruiter performance & commissions. An Access 2000 example tested on Access 2007

Loan Processing Database:  Mortgage Management, Loan Processing Software & Mortgage Process Tracking MS Access example.  Our loan processing example was design to streamline the control of original mortgage, loan consolidation processing from acquisition of the initial mortgage lead through calculation & payment of brokers’ commissions after closing of the first or second mortgage note.

Pell Grant Manager Access Database:  Management of Pell Grant Awards by educational institutions involves a great deal of man-power.  This case study demonstrates a database which aids in the management of the overall student grant function.

Custom Document Search & Retrieval Databases:  Document Management Custom Document Search & Retrieval database example.  Consider the chore of tracking documents for a large international company with hundreds of corporate entities – each of which may change parent companies or names several times over the past 25 years.  This software facilitates document and file search and retrieval from online and archive storage.

Real Estate Marketing Database:  Real Estate Marketing – select property listings easily. See a software example designed to provide a sophisticated query and analysis database system with tools to select real estate property for marketing promotions.  The concept basically to be able to retrieve a select group of properties from the database and then to send letters to the property owners inquiring if they are interested in selling their property.

Meal Delivery Service Softaware: From Healthy Meals Inc website: ‘We take all of the guess work of calorie counting, point totaling, and meal prep for you. We carefully put together your customized nutritional profile and create your meal regimen based on your physical attributes, your activity level, and your personal physical and wellness goals. We offer support and help monitor your progress to ensure you are getting results and are 100% satisfied.

You can get an understanding of the breadth of our food service management software template’s functionality by reviewing the screen shots below.  Contact Us today for a quote on your custom database.

All of our databases have been tested in Access 2007, Access 2010, Access 2013 & 2016.

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