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Customer Relationships Management

CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationships Management. CRM software encompasses all aspects of communication an organization has with its customers, including sales, service and marketing.

Computers have changed the way organizations approach Customer Relationships Management strategies. With each new advance in technological innovation more of the company’s relationships are managed through electronic means. Companies are continually seeking ways to automate and at the same time personalize communications with their customers.Developers at Blue Claw Database Design were contacted early in the business development phase of USRider to create a custom CRM database template.

We were asked to create a complete custom CRM software solution and business support database to include the following tasks:

  • Customer relationships management (CRM)

  • Manage membership including automatic and manual renewal

  • Maintain associate membership within main memberships

  • Analyze source of membership statistics

  • Member incident satisfaction index analysis

  • Available veterinarians by zip code

  • Stabling locations by zip code

  • Manage development of prospective members

  • Incident reporting statistics

  • Automatic display of scanned customer survey forms

  • Membership payment transaction processing

  • Marketing material distribution management

  • Interface to membership card DB

  • 20 reports for data analysis

All of these functions were created with an elegant yet simple user interface in a tabbed layout.  This interface is the most efficient from a user’s point of view.  With the standard switchboard interface users quickly become frustrated because of the continuous popup of sub menus and data forms.  Note on the customer relationships management data form that all data, including transactions and associate members are visible on one form using an organized neat display.  Below are 4 examples of the 7 primary screens, click on an image to see the full size example.

Key to a complex customer management database is the user interface.  Below we show our classic tabbed interface for our custom CRM database designs.  All functions are accessible from a single main menu.  There are no subordinate popup menus to get lost in or to have to navigate backwardly to return to the main menu.

Normally this design might slow down a database however; we use recordset and form programming techniques which prevents any slowness in the CRM database.

CRM Software Template 

The CRM Software main control panel for maintaining customer membership lists is shown below.  This form includes main member records and subordinate associate member records.  Included are payments and payment statuses, incidents statistics, and periodic notification milestones.  Additionally, this data is automatically coordinated with an SQL Server database running on the web site.

Access CRM Software

The Access CRM Database’s secondary duties are to track roadside breakdown incidents.  Included as a part of customer incident response is a measure of response time and customer satisfaction. All customer incident statistics are updated immediately and are available on the screen or in report format.

Access CRM Software Template

The Access CRM database design includes the capability to track prospective customers.  The database tracks status of prospective customers and generates labels and letter for marketing material.  During new member entry, the database automatically checks the new customer against the list of prospects and loads all stored data into the members table.  The CRM customers and prospects are kept in separate table for efficiency of processing.

CRM Software

Our software developers’ efficient table design allows all CRM data for thousands of customers to be managed in less than 5 megabytes of disk storage.  The entire application, including data can be zipped and placed on a diskette.  All coding is done using Visual Basic – there are no macros in this database.  Contact one of our Microsoft Access developers today to see what we can do for your CRM software needs.

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