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Complete Grant Management Software from Registration to Check Printing

The Student Pell Grant Program provides federal grants to undergrad students who require financial aid to meet educational expenses. The non-repayable awards are available to eligible students attending approved universities, colleges, and vocational/technical schools and other approved post-secondary educational institutions.To apply for a Pell Grant, the student or parents should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.In a short time the student will receive a Student Aid Report which will indicate whether or not the student is eligible for a Pell Grant.

Administration of Pell Grant Awards by educational institutions involves a great deal of man-power.  This case study demonstrates a database which aids in the management of the overall student grant function.  This ranges from registration of students, issuance of award letters, record student hours and disbursement of grant money on a monthly basis by check to the students.

Shown below is the entry screen to the grant administration software:

The database manages multiple tuition payment calendars – one for each of many campuses.  Grant payment dates and standard hour are defined for each educational program.

Below is the student registration screen which includes a monthly log of hours which determines the amount of the monthly grant award.

The system will automatically produce letters for each student or individual student.  These letters announce the amount and schedule of the Pell Grant Award.

The financial grant software manages the production of batch checks each month. Below is a detailed transaction register which allows the user to drill-down to see individual line items for a selected batch.

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