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Feed Inventory Software Template

Database Software for Farmers

Our livestock feed inventory software provides modern farmers with the tools need to analyze feed costs on the farm.  Our multi-user database for farmers’ feed inventory offers a very simple user interface through the use of tabs for the main functions of the database.Track batch feed deliveries by type, location, date and cost.  Manage cost tracking using FIFO system – first feed in is first feed used for all calculations.

The cost of our software includes minor customization including additional custom reports.

Highlighted below are the main screens and functions of the feed inventory software:

The image above shows the simplicity of the feed inventory database user interface.  Tabs serve to navigate between the various functions of the database.

Below is the layout of the Feed Removal form:

Feed usage is characterized by the following attributes:

  • Usage Date

  • Storage Area

  • Feed Type

  • Feed Usage

  • Feed Quantity

The feed inventory database software for farmers automatically removed feed from the old inventory batch and moved forward in time as needed.  Price is calculated based on the cost of feed at time of inventory addition (see next screen).

Inventory additions are performed with the following data entry form.  This form also maintains an up to the minute inventory amount displayed on the bottom half of the screen.

Below is shown the Lists maintenance feature.  We attempt to make our databases as flexible as possible.  All lists are maintainable by the user so that the database may be customized to individual circumstances.

Next is an example of types of reports the inventory database can produce.  Each report allows for selection of any combination of:

  • Date Range

  • Storage Area

  • Feed Type

  • Usage Type

Contact us today for an online demo of the Feed Inventory Tracking database template.


Livestock Feed Inventory template software for$800.  Includes minor customization. Source code and one year of support.

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