Meal Delivery Service Software


Meal Delivery Software

Meal Delivery Software contains over a dozen features designed to automate the management of members and their meal preferences.  Among the many functions automated by the software are:

  • Automatic calculation of membership plan extensions due to holidays and member off days.

  • Automatic daily menu search for each specific member’s food aversions and allergies.

  • Specialized meals such as swapping protein for carbohydrates.

  • Exceptions to standard plans such as extra meals and custom meals.

  • Automatic rollover to new membership plans.

  • A La Carte menu management automation.

From Healthy Meals Inc website: ‘We take all of the guess work of calorie counting, point totaling, and meal prep for you. We carefully put together your customized nutritional profile and create your meal regimen based on your physical attributes, your activity level, and your personal physical and wellness goals. We offer support and help monitor your progress to ensure you are getting results and are 100% satisfied.

You can get an understanding of the breadth of our food service management software template’s functionality by reviewing the screen shots below.  Contact us today for a quote on your custom database.

Nearly all parameters within the meal delivery database may be customized and extended by the user. Show below is the setup screen for A La Carte meals within the restaurant delivery service software.

We create custom databases to match your specific requirements. Contact us today so we can provide you with a fixed price quote for your custom database template.

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