Preventive Maintenance Template


Preventive Maintenance Database Template

Preventive Maintenance Software definition: Computer software system managing a set of standard procedures devised to prevent the malfunction of a piece of equipment.  Malfunctions may include such issues as breakdown, excessive wear and inaccurate measurements.Buy This Software For $975 One Time Fee.
Includes source code, training and support.

Preventive maintenance is accomplished by a defined set of predictive or absolute measurements.  Our machine maintenance schedule template makes the task of monitoring and calculating easier through the analysis of absolute meter readings and trend monitoring.

Equipment preventive maintenance databases can be bought off the shelf.  However, rarely do these packaged solutions conform to all of the challenges of your particular PM scheduling requirements. Or, if they do they will cost $25,000! Here we offer a preventive maintenance database template for a comprehensive solution to your equipment PM needs.

Our PM template requirements/features are defined as follows:

  • Identify multiple preventive maintenance types for each piece of equipment

  • Specify different intervals for preventive maintenance scheduling methods – including

    • Any numerically increasing value or threshold such as run-hours, back pressure, cycles, millimeters, pressure guage, strokes, etc.

    • Calendar Intervals – any number of weeks or months – e.g. 1 week, 4 weeks, 12 months, 3 months, etc.

  • Simple user interface

  • On screen identification of scheduled preventive maintenance tasks currently due with report capability

  • Independent management of multiple schedules on equipment

  • Generate work order reports by equipment maintenance schedule

We have developed tables and queries in our software that allow you to use almost any method of preventive maintenance scheduling – such as vacuum pressure gauge readings on pumps, run time, and other machine specific measurements.

Here is a simple Welcome screen which appears when the database opens.  Here you can see the simplicity of the scheduling interface by way of the main menu tabs:

Equipment preventive maintenance (PM) setup is shown in the screen below.  Multiple equipment PMs can be setup and these preventive maintenance tasks can be scheduled on either a calendar basis or an equipment meter reading basis such as run time.  This screen also provides a preventive maintenance review feature for each piece of equipment.

Following are the key attributes for each piece of machinery:

  • Type

  • Make

  • Model

  • Serial Number

  • Description

  • Location

  • Active Status

  • Barcode Identification

Preventive Maintenance Schedule Template

Preventive maintenance equipment meter readings can be entered one at a time in the data entry field by activating the dropdown list to the meter or by scanning via a barcode wand. This same form also provides a data review capability by simply switch form modes.  Alternatively all meter reading can be entered in batch mode back at the office.
Preventive Maintenance Plan

A simple list of PMs due is displayed on the form below. View PMs scheduled by calendar time, operation run time hours, or other measurements such as vacuum pressure gauges, back pressure, temperature, etc.  Flexible design allows management of diverse tasks for maintenance scheduling algorithms.

Preventive Maintenance Schedule Template

A user-expandable list of reports is provided.  Simply clicking on the report will either display the report or popup a parameter for associated with the PM report:

Access PM Software

As with all of our databases we strive to provide user maintainable and expandable databases.  Where ever possible, our databases are list driven and all lists are infinitely modifiable by the user:

Custom PM Software

Reports can be filtered by any field value and sorting can be defined by the user. Custom-design preventive maintenance software will provide you with a cost effective solution to your preventive maintenance management.

The report below provides PM analysis for:

  • Equipment By Location

  • Equipment Type

  • Weekly Meter Reading

  • PM Reading

  • Run Tim Hours

  • PM Interval

  • Units of Measure

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