Reference Nested Forms


Reference Nested Form Fields in VBA

Reference Microsoft Access Form Controls from VB Script

Have you come across the maddening task of trying to reference a deeply nested form, form field or control?Here is a real example of a deeply nested subform control – a combo box control which we want to disable.Forms![MainMenu]![F_Project_Results].Form![F_Test_Results].
.Form![Parameter_Combo].Enabled = False

Isn’t there an easier way to reference these fields directly?  The answer is YES!

You can reference any form directly using its reference in visual basic:

Form_F_Test_Result_Parameters.Parameter_Combo.Enabled = False

Notice that we prefix the form name with Form_ use the dot ‘.’ operator to reference the form control.

There is one trick to this referencing method – the form which you are referencing must have its Has Module property set to Yes.

This method only seems to work in VBA code.  Doesn’t work when referencing a form field as a query parameter nor in any of the property settings.

Note that you can also reference a form’s functions and subroutines using the same method.  For example:

(requeries the form)

Call Form_F_Test_Result_Parameters.Find_Test_Combo_AfterUpdate
(Note that the function or subroutine must be Public and not Private to reference it from another form or VBA module.)

And requery a combo box after its row source updates:



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