Access Version


Access Version Number

Version control is necessary when a shared application is utilized by many users.Some of the users may have a lower version of Access in their computer while others may have higher versions of Access. To keep users with a higher version of Access from upgrading and locking everyone with the lower version out of the application, use the Visual Basic code below in the form main menu open command.

To retrieve access version number used to open this application with the following VBA code.

  • 8.0 = Access 97

  • 9.0 = Access 2000

  • 10.0 = Access 2002(XP)

  • 11.0= Access 2003

Private Sub Form_Load()
If GetVersion() <> “8.0” Then
End If
End Sub
Function GetVersion() As String
GetVersion = SysCmd(acSysCmdAccessVer)
End Function

Based on the Access version number you may need to block the user from running the database or you may need to disable features which are only available on higher versions of Microsoft Access.  The important point of this example is that knowing the Version number of the current instance of Access gives you the ability to avoid conflicts and errors.