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MicrosoftAccess Docmd.OpenForm Example

access openform example
(the command line is continued below)
openform command in Microsoft Access

The arguments for the Open Form method are as follows:
FormName – A string or string variable that contains the name of the form to be opened.

View – The presentation format of the form to be opened.  The view argument has the following options:

acFormDS    (datasheet view)
acNormal     (default. Opens the form in Form view.)
acPreview    (print preview)

FilterName – A string expression or variable that is a name of a query in the current database.

WhereCondition – A string expression containing an SQL WHERE clause without the word WHERE.  Such as, “Order_ID=” & Me.Order_ID

DataMode – The data entry mode for the form. This only applies to forms in Form view (default) or Datasheet view.  The DataMode argument has the following options:

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acFormAdd – The user can add new records but can not edit existing records.
acFormEdit – The user can edit existing records and add new records.
acFormPropertySettings – (default – uses form’s property settings)
acFormReadOnly – The user can only view records.

WindowMode – The window mode in which the form opens.  Window Mode can have the following values:

acDialog – The form’s Modal and PopUp properties are set to Yes.
acHidden – The form is hidden.
acIcon – The form opens minimized in the Windows taskbar.
acWindowNormal – (default) Used the forms mode settings.

OpenArgs – A string expression used to set the form’s OpenArgs property. The OpenArgs string can then be used by code in a form module, such as the On Open event procedure to perform actions based on the open arguments value.


Microsoft Office VBA, MS Access 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016