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Lease Management Software / Lease Agreement Database

Lease Management Software requires a comprehensive database solution to track all equipment, cost, lease rate factor and lease duration.  Projected rental income is critical to future cash flow analysis.

Quick access to signed lease contracts and rental schedules saves management time.  All these functions (and many more) are provided in our Lease Management Software system.Lease management software offers these specific features:

  • Master lease inventory management

  • Lease schedules

  • Lease schedule addendums

  • Extensive search capability

  • Revenue forecasts for any future date

  • Activation/deactivation of line items

  • Lease record locking

  • Lease and schedule printouts

  • Push-button display of Leases, scanned paperwork & supporting documents

  • Lease text customization on a per master lease basis

All of these features are contained in a simple to use Microsoft Access multi-user database system.  Below are shown the data entry/review screens with more specific feature descriptions for the Lease management system.

The image above illustrates the simple user interface.  There are no popup or nested menus to navigate.

All functions lease management software are logically arranged in tabs across the form.  Below you will see each of the tabs and their functions.

Here is the Master Lease inventory definition and review screen for the lease management software system:

Lease Inventory Management Template

The Master Lease tab serves as a data entry and review system for all of the key master lease fields.  Also included as the customizable section of the Acceptance Certificate report.  Several of the master lease fields, such as the address, serve as defaults on each detailed equipment schedule.
Lease Management Software

Detailed lease schedules are defined on the Schedules Tab.  The address fields are defaulted from the master lease agreement form.  These address fields may be overridden for each schedule.  Note that all detailed items also have space available for serial numbers for each piece of equipment.

Note the lease search capabilities at the top of each form located in the section with the blue background.

There is also a Tools dropdown at the top of the schedules form.  This tools feature provides the user with the ability to create reports from this screen and to view previously generated reports and signed Leases (see below).

Equipment Lease Management Database

To view previously created report you need to save them as a PDF document, and signed Leases need to be scanned into your computer.  Normally these documents would be stored in folders on your server computer and the path to various classes of documents is defined in the Lists Tab (see further below).

When the ‘Create Acceptance Report’ tools selection is activated a parameters form is displayed (see above image).  The parameters for is preloaded with the current master lease and schedule.  Some schedules have multiple equipment locations and installation dates.  The parameter form allows the user to select one or more locations and installation dates for inclusion in the Acceptance Report. (see the acceptance report below:)

Lease Management Software Template

The lease schedules review tab of the lease management software is shown below:
Lease Accounting Lease Database

The revenue forecast review screen is shown below.  The total revenue figure is on the far right of the screen (scroll to the right).
Lease Analysis/Forecasting Software

The Lease Management Software Reports Tab provides an additional place to create reports.  Also, custom reports can be added here – created by us or by your own programmers.
Lease Administration Software

The Lists Tab offers a place to customize all of the dropdown lists. This feature makes the database highly flexible for each customers particular business.
Equipment Lease Management Template

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