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VBA Form Error Event Examples – Code Samples

Visual Basic Error event arises when a run-time error occurs in Access on the current form.

Error Event Visual Basic Example:

It is good practice to have an On Error event handler in each form.  In this example we simply trap the error and display a message to the user.

Private Sub Form_Error(DataErr As Integer, Response As Integer)
Select Case DataErr
Case 3022
MsgBox “This field must contain unique values.”
Case 3023
MsgBox “put appropriate error text here”
End Select
Response = acDataErrContinue
Resume ok_exit
End Sub

The response argument can have either of two values:

acDataErrContinue:  Ignore the error and continue without displaying the Microsoft Access error message.

acDataErrDisplay:  Display the Microsoft Access error message. This is the default setting.

If you are using Global Variables in your Access database and you have a subroutine without an error handler then you will lose your global variable values if an error occurs.  This is one of the primary drawback in using Global Variables.

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