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HOA Software Template

We create custom Homeowners Association Management software.  No upfront payments are required.  Work can usually be completed within two weeks of approval. Typical costs range from $2500 to $6000.  See an example below of our prior work.

From Compass Management Group Website: ‘Compass Management Group, Inc. is an innovative blend of experience and new ideas in the management of quality homeowners associations and common interest developments. The principals of the firm have more than 40 years of experience in homeowner association management and maintenance.

Our developers were contacted in 2003 to design HOA software.  The overall goal was to provide a solution for the control of multiple property and homeowner associations.

The key functions of the HOA management software include:

  • Analysis of multiple HOAs simultaneously

  • Owner and tenant contact tracking

  • Action item tracking

  • Maintenance work order supervision

  • Dues invoicing with assessments, penalties & past due calculations

  • Various supervisor reports

Below is the main HOA software form.  The HOA database can manage an unlimited number of homeowner associations.  The blue filter fields at the top of the screen allow the user to zero in to various levels of detail starting with the selection of the specific HOA of interest.  All functions of the database are accessed through this simple tabbed interface.  There are no nested menus or pop up screen to confuse the user.

HOA Software

Next is the Units tab were all aspects of each property unit is managed.  Details of each unit are displayed and a snapshot of the current financial status is also shown.  Note again the filter fields at the top of the screen which allows the user to quickly select a unit by Unit Name/Number, Account #, Tenant Name or Homeowner Name.
Homeowners Association Software

The next screen provides one-stop control of all contacts with the property units.  Action items and work orders are handled all on this screen.
HOA Accounting Software

Key to the power of the homeowner association management system is the ability to generate complex periodic or special assessment bills on a scheduled basis.  Late fees, interest calculations are all calculated and displayed as the invoices are being generated.
HOA Management Software

Historic data can be viewed and analyzed on the Review Trans tab.  Each batch run of invoices is displayed at the top of the screen.  Line items invoices for the selected batch are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

HOA Software

Any number of analytical reports can be created for the system.  A knowledgeable user can also create their own custom reports and easily add them to the system.

HOA Database Software

We design databases to provide flexibility.  Where ever possible, categories are maintainable by the user.  Below is the List Maintenance screen of our HOA Software template.

Homeowners Association Management System


This particular HOA software is a sample of the types of software we have developed.

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