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Inventory Software Access Templates
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Marina Management DB
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Real Estate Marketing
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Document Revision Control & Document Distribution Control & Tracking

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Mortgage Management,
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Rx/Prescription Assistance Plan Management Database Template
Rx Plan Software. Software for the Generation  & Tracking of Applications for Assistance Plans

Subscription Order Management Database Template
Subscription Manager – Custom Subscription Management Tool for Subscription Order Process Control.

Corporate Document Management Access Templates
Document Management Custom Document Search & Retrieval Software
Investment Management Software

Investment Portfolio Software for complete control and analysis of multiple client accounts.  Quickly monitor investment performance against goals.  The database includes sophisticated allocation planning and rebalancing tools for up to the minute management of investments.  Manage stocks, bonds, options and mutual funds with added risk and strategy categories.

A single button press updates all account pricing and yields with automatic report generation suitable for submission to clients.

Tired of juggling multiple spreadsheets and spending hours maintaining a balanced portfolio for your clients?  We can create a custom database which will provide you with the exact tools you need to manage multiple accounts in 1/10th the time you spend now.

What if scenarios and model portfolios can be generated with a couple of button clicks.  Add dynamic links to Microsoft Excel to perform ad hoc data analysis and complex graphical output.  Investment management can be done efficiently with the proper software.  We can develop that software at a reasonable price.  Contact us today.

Investment Portfolio Software

Sample Client Investment Allocation report.

Links to Yahoo Finance automatically retrieve current stock and mutual fund statistics including sales volume and current price. Combine this feature with rapid analysis tools and quarterly or year-end rebalancing becomes nearly effortless. The actual number of shares including fractional parts is displayed to purchase or sell to rebalance portfolios.

We create custom databases to match your specific requirements. Contact us today so we can provide you with a fixed price quote for your custom database template.


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