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Automatically Generate Prescription Assistance Forms

Pharmaceutical companies provide free drugs for low income individuals through their prescription assistance programs.  These programs are typically not advertised and not well known by the general public. However, over the last few years the public relations benefits of these programs has come to the attention of senior management at many drug companies.  Now you see some TV advertisements as well as more prominent displays of these prescription assistance programs on company’s websites.

Acceptance to the prescription assistance programs is often simply based on income.  However, the assistance plan forms are diverse and rarely give a clue for the qualifications for assistance plan acceptance.  Some of these programs ask more than 100 detailed questions about your personal finances.  Re-enrollment is usually required at varying periods, from 3 months to 1 year.

This software takes care of the drug plan paperwork that patients need to complete to get the free drugs, and they fill out the forms again when the patients’ supplies run out – companies usually send patients a 90-day or 180-day supply of the drug, and require them to reapply and again prove financial need before they ship more.

We were asked to create a database to manage the process, determine preliminary eligibility, and produce the prescription assistance program application.

The primary data entry screen for the prescription aid database is show below.  The top half of the screen contains fields for the demographic information for the client.  The lower half contains areas for:

  • Allergies

  • Income

  • Expenses

  • Other Income

  • Prescriptions


After all the client data is entered the user goes to the prescription plan match screen to determine preliminary eligibility to the particular pharmaceutical assistance program depending on each prescription held by the client.  In this example the user has pressed the ‘Check Approval’ button and the database displays a popup message indicating approval or indicating why the application was not approved.  Since this is just a preliminary approval the user may still printout the prescription assistance plan application form by pressing the ‘Print Form’ button.  Below is a snapshot of a completed application form.

Here is a completed application form ready for submission to the pharmaceutical company (along with supporting documents).  This particular form for Pfizer’s Connection to Care program is one of the more simple forms – others have up to 100 fields of data.

Where appropriate we always try to make the database appear simple to the user.  In this case we have a single review tab that replaces 3 tabs in a standard-designed database.  Note the radio buttons for views of Clients, Doctors, and Client Charts – these three different forms a dynamically overlaid when a radio button is pressed.

The reports menu is as simple as can be.  There is a facility for users to create custom reports and add them to the list.

Key to all of our databases is nearly infinite expandability and customization by the user.  Below is the List Maintenance screen.  Where ever possible data fields are derived from a lookup list – this form allows the user to maintain all of these lists.

This Rx Assistance Plan Management Database is not for sale.  It is a sample of the software development capabilities.

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