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Subscription management software system turned out to be a challenging project.  Customers may subscribe for multiple arrangements and deliveries which typically occur each Monday.  However, our system was designed to manage most any periodicity of delivery for the order fulfillment requirements.

Some additional features of the subscription order management software include:

  • Generation of a complete delivery schedule or partial delivery schedule for subscriptions.

  • Management of customer’s off-days where they might be away and want their subscription deliveries held.

  • Management of company holidays where subscriptions will not be delivered.

  • Subscription orders status reports.

Our subscription order software solution is built with the user’s ease of use in mind.  Below is the order management interface illustrating a software design method which eliminates the need for popup or nested menus.

All aspects of the subscriptions, customers, orders and reports are maintained with this form.

Customer subscription orders are managed on the form shown below.  One customer may have multiple orders with differing delivery schedule.  On the right is the Delivery Schedule for this order.

It is easy for the user to change the order schedule at any point in time by simply deleting the not-yet-delivered schedule dates ad changing the interval or the start date – the system will recalculate the new order delivery schedule.

Below is the customer management form.  This customer form shows all of the detailed attributes about the customer along with all of the customer’s orders.  Note in the delivery schedule area the non-delivery dates.

The database is set to automatically pick the next nearest scheduled delivery date.  The system also provides global delivery schedule exclusion dates for national holidays.

The subscription order management solution offers an unlimited number of reports that can be added to the database simply by appending a new report description record to the reports table.  Below is the interface used to run a report.  Double clicking on a listed report will either run the report directly or call a parameters form.

All of our databases are list driven where ever possible. This feature provides unlimited flexibility for future growth.  Below is the list maintenance form:

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